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Once upon a 10 days in LAUTECH episode 2

Episode 2

In 2011, precisely the third week of the third month—the epoch which we have been given a little information about in the last episode, the subject of the dialogue that we are about to peruse was bruited about LAUTECH campus with great consternation. Even though, it was more embraced by the students than the management, it evoked some effects that passed into the history of the whole school.

At that epoch, anybody, even a passer-by, provided he passed by some of these concerned LAUTECH students, could be chanced to overhear a conversation inform of the following :

‘To me, the guy did not die,’ a student might say to his partner.

‘Indeed,’ another might reply, ‘but what else could be more convincing than the management of the school?’

‘I really do not blame them.’

‘You mean—‘

‘I fancy they took the best action.’

‘To announce his death when it is not confirmed.’

‘Only that—‘

‘That what?’

‘That you never look the matter from their own perspective.’

‘I really do not understand you, sir.’

‘To put yourself in the position of a top official.’

‘Why should I? This is a matter of life, guy.’

‘When you see it with their own eyes, you will hardly know a fraction of the actual situation.’

‘Didn’t they investigate?’

‘Who investigated?’

‘Are you putting the question to me?’

‘How will you understand if I don’t?’

‘You are making this more confusedly. They carried out some investigation on this issue. At least, they have to be sure before they could announce anything.’

‘Will you listen?’

‘Go on, if you please.’

‘It is hard for them to know what really happened. You are a student, and you will certainly know more on this issue better than those in their offices busy with works. They only carried out the investigation when—‘

We regret to stop there, considering the fact that a passer—by could not have heard more than that.

The subject of the dialogue, really, could make headline—it passed into news for it was strange. The strangeness sprung forth from the diverse views on the death of one of the students. To the students, the death was unconfirmed, and the management’s decision agitated them a great deal. However, it will be seen later that the students’ agitation evoked a tragic cloud that swooned over the sky of the campus and it almost transformed its azure blue into somewhat impenetrable black. If we should be frank with ourselves, the consequence left an indelible imprint on the image of the school. The school itself might not be aware of this intelligence, but, for some reasons, at least, the police force in Ogbomosho shall continue to say few words on it.

At this point, we beg the reader’s pardon once more that we are left with no other choice than to digress.

If we must confine ourselves to the Nigerian society, we can boldly say, like other tertiary institutions in the world, we also practice a somewhat mini government among the students—the Student Union Government (SUG), which, from other responsibilities, they oversee the grievances and protect the rights of students in their respective institutions.

The case is not different in LAUTECH. And at this epoch, we need not tell our readers that they had to intervene for it was one of the issues that concerned them. The LAUTECH SUG intervened to calm the agitation of the students, as it will be seen in the course of this story. And before then, we consider it necessary for the reader to devour few more words about the students in Nigerian tertiary institutions.

Frankly, Nigerian students are more than students, and youths are more than youths. Or in another way, the intelligence attached to the phrase ‘Higher institution students’ is completely—let us say ‘absolutely’ for we love our country—incorrect in the Nigerian society. This factor, as we shall see, contributed immensely to the tragic cloud alluded to somewhere above.

To the students, the death of their colleague was unconfirmed. And if truly he is dead, what led to the death was a question they would not let go off easily. Violence is like a cloud, beneath it is a couple of frivolities and life inordinacies, which, when studied closely, it will be clear it is not meant for the human society, but animals’.

What is violence?

Violence renders the rules and regulations guiding the proper management of anything to be invalid. And, strange to say, in the human society, violence springs forth from circumstances which can easily be overlooked. In the circumstances that often led to violence, the old ones are always the ‘fools’, for they always look at a distance and answer with—instead of punches and violent actions—deep strained sighs and significant shake of their white-haired heads. The youths are always the perfect being. Strong as they are, what they have to do is to destroy lives as much as they can.
But it is not always strange to the thoughtful ones among the youths, for they know, the old ones were once youths like them. So they laugh complacently, feast their eyes as their colleagues take to the front to give violence the upper hands. And who are the brave ones? The ones that control themselves when anger envelopes their frames. Simple.

I am not given to tell lies to amuse anyone, LAUTECH students in their agitation resolve to take violence. The shape of the violence and its consequences is the bleeding knot of this story, and it shall be revealed justly.

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