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Once upon a 10 days in LAUTECH episode 1

For the reader to make the best out of this story, It is of great necessity for him to have a share of the writer’s problems. What are the problems of writers, after all? To look for the best way to present their art(s). Simple. The best way to relate this story had been the subject of gloomy ideas which jostled in the brain of this writer before he began, and, as a result, probably from having so greatly disturbed, he had resolved not to be considerate of readers, even though, the resolution he arrived, made him doubt his art.

It was not his fault, however, as we shall see when we start moving with him in the story. This is the reason we must share his problems so that we can make the best out of what he called ‘this great story of LAUTECH’.

The fact is: We — after sharing his problems among ourselves — are about to commit a grave sin, which, as it is calculated, the rusted bones of some long dead Ladokites will take the form of provoked war men, out of a burning passion to fight for their owners in their graves. And upon this calculated circumstance, it is strange to say, that this writer is not given to apologize any living or dead personality who might fall victim to the above intelligence in the course of this great story.

Who would be ready to apologize, after all? In fact, not even in the case of an artist, who has been deprived of the chance to relate more than two thousand pages of a story and left to present it in not more than ten episodes. An insult to his art, indeed. So why should he be considerate of readers, when it is the interplay of mortality and strength that would make him not to relate some events which the readers would love to read. If he attempt to relate the full events, It is probable that our children and not we, will read the story, for he himself, as he told us, might not be able to finish the great story till his death. So in what better way could this story be of benefit to us if he had not breach it to be in ten episodes. It is indeed a sin that none of us could have avoided.

This great story of LAUTECH, he said to us, is one of such that historians failed to give an adequate attention. And it is great. It should not flit before the eyes of any historian without him catching it at all cost. The events that will be related in this story has been designed in such a way that it will stretch over only ten days. Yes, only ten days and ten episodes.

However, we need to have a little knowledge before we begin the story. It is borrowed from real events that happened as far back as 9years ago on the date we are generous to reveal as the 10th of March. And reversing the course of time to the first in the ten days of this story, there was unrest on some streets of Ogbomosho and some hostels where the then LAUTECH students inhabited. The first in the ten days, we saw LAUTECH students running across themselves in the bid to save their lives and avoid being made innocent convicts. We can imagine how these youths would relate this story with the lugubrious air of old ones. No experience is more striking than the one where we ourselves could not guarantee whether we shall live the next five seconds or even less. These youthful minds experienced such on the first of the ten days in this story, and this simple circumstance made any of them living today a great source, to whom, we cannot do but recoil to every now and then.

What could an oak tree bend for if not a raging storm? And from which side was the wind coming from? Was it so frightful and unexpected for our youths to have experienced to that extent on the first day in the ten days of this story? It is our aim to satisfy the reader’s curiosity. And to achieve this, a small grain of information that could be related in the following terms is greatly needed. The first being about the LAUTECH student union government, where it will be impolite if we refrain from mentioning the fact that we have 2 parties and ‘others’. And second, the circumstance of nature that is peculiar to youths and of which the then LAUTECH students could not strip off themselves in those years—It was in their grains, and fate did not remove that in their constitution. The part of these circumstances is really of great value and we shall do the justice to analyse them as the story continues.

However, we beg the reader’s pardon as it is important for us to digress once more before we begin. At this point, we cannot proceed but let the reader know that the writer would present himself in the light of a facilitator, whereby he would relate events, analyze them, and lay bare the lessons many of the readers might not be aware of.
‘Once upon ten days,’ thus we begin.

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