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About Inside Lautech





Inside Lautech seeks to inform Ladokites about the goings-on on campus.

Vision Of Inside Lautech

our Vision is to create an avenue for Ladokites to relate with the reality on campus. to bring stories that would have gone unnoticed to the notice of Ladokites.

Mission Statement

to unite Ladokites together using a medium everyone would have access to.

To present LAUTECH in a better light to the outside world

To integrate fun into learning and ease the stress of Ladokites with momentary updates

About Who Is Who In(Side) Lautech

This initiative seeks to tell the story of LAUTECH students and staff doing great exploits. For three major reasons.

  • To tell the world the untold stories about LAUTECH
  • To motivate other students and staff of the school
  • To encourage these men and women of great exploits to continue to do more of whatever they are doing.

With time, an archive holding the details of LAUTECH staff and Students would come into existence and it will be a place that the coming generation of students and staff can go to at all time.


To bring home the LAUTECH Story in a better form, we also embark on documentary projects, profiling LAUTECH stakeholders and Who is Who's

Tweet Chats

We invite outstanding students and stakeholders for live chats every now and then.


The employ of satire to address campus issues was inspired by an attempt to make controversial opinion without causing any damage to any party.

It is also seen as an escape from the normal whining that are common with campus writers. Thus contemporary satire shall be used mostly by our writers as a means to be different.

Campus Gist

What's more? We have not forgotten the sauce that is gossip. Therefore, you will surely be reading campus gossip from verifiable sources on our blog. On this, I know you don't want to be left out.

Student Tips

Remember we said earlier that we envision ourselves as a go to place for Ladokites and student from other campuses all over? Our student tip category is packaged just after that. For articles that could help you survive as a student, our archive would come to the rescue.

Content (Copy)rights

On on account should an individual, group or organization copy the content of this website without due approval by Inside LAUTECH Media Group.

The Team

Odubiyi Azeez

Head of operations / Content Manager

Adetunji Habeeb

Media Strategist / PR Specialist.


Azeez Adam

Video Director /Editor


Atobatele Kabir

Communications Director

Odedeji Folaji

Odedeji Folaji

Chief Editor





Salawudeen Shuqroh


Odewale Taye

Writer/Production Assistant